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6th Bracknell Spring 2017 Newsletter

Posted on January 20th, 2017 by Committee

6th Bracknell- Newsletter Spring 2017


6th Bracknell Scout Group

Newsletter 16th January

Please take time and read the information contained within this newsletter and note the dates. Further information will be available nearer the time. Please speak to your section leader if you have any queries.  

 Spring Term Subscriptions:

You are politely reminded that Termly subscriptions are now due and should be paid in full at the START of each term.

£25.00 or £22.00 per member if more than one sibling is in the group.

Subscriptions cover Scout association insurance and membership – Your child may be excluded from activities if left unpaid.

If you require time to pay, or prefer to pay in instalments please speak in confidence to Skip.

Gift Aid:

If you have not already done so, please ask your section leader for a gift aid form. This costs you nothing but enables us to reclaim £0.25p in the pound you pay in subscriptions, which helps us keep down the cost to you.

Committee News:

 We are always looking for new ideas to raise much needed funds and more people to help. If you are willing to stand on the committee we meet generally once a term, any offers of help would be greatly appreciated. The next meeting is in the small hall by the entrance door into the church (Westley Room) and starts at 6.45pm on Monday 23rd January.

Contact: Chris Gunton (Chairman) or Skip for further information.

Parent reminders:

If your child has been prescribed an inhaler or an epi pen by a doctor, please ensure they have it with them. We cannot take responsibility for your child without their medication.


Please arrive no earlier than 10minutes before the beginning or end of your child’s section meeting.

Thank you.

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