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Beavers Programme

15/01/2018week 1 meet and greet welcome back and new members Talk about expectation of group
22/01/2018Week 2 Experiment 1 Experiment 1 Growing cress
29/01/2018Week 3 Experiment 2Balloon Rocket
05/02/2018Week 4 Cooking cooking making sweet pancakes and savoury wrap
12/02/2018HALF TERM FUN DAY Half Term fun Day at Earlywood TBC
19/02/2018Week 5 Healthy eatting Promote healthy eating and exercise to others. This could involve designing a poster
26/02/2018Week 6 - Experiment 3Mother's day cards Dip Dye mugs
05/03/2018Week 7 SPACE Identify some of the things you can see in the night sky, for example stars, planets and the Moon. Identify at least one constellation you can see. Be able to name the eight planets in our solar system. home work = Find out about a current space mission.
12/03/2018Week 8 OUTDOORS Point out and name five different types of animals, insects, birds or fish and find out about the food they eat and the places they live. Make something to help animals in the wild - for example, a bird box or bug hotel.
19/03/2018Week 9 GAMES NIGHT beaver to select the games for the evening
26/03/2018easter egg hunt

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