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Summer camp 2018

Posted on June 20th, 2019 by Committee

Summer camp 2018.

Amazing events and picture we took from another amazing summer camp.

All scouts learnt how to look after the tents and equipment during camp

The Cubs scouts and explorers all camped this year

At camp this year we had great weather and a chance to bring out some of our new marquees

At the end of camp the flag was lowered for the last time – looking forward to next year

At the end of Camp prizes where given for all the activities during camp

At 6th Bracknell we are very lucky to have a good supply of gear – although it makes a solid truck full when we go to camp

Every day at camp starts with Flag break

Some of our tents are older than others but all still in great condition

Crate Stacking

Cooking Marshmallows for Smoores

The Campers 2018

Climbing challenges

Power assisted carting

Judging of the cooking competition

important cooking skills to be learnt (hopefully with clean hands)

Fancy Dress for some of the younger campers


Smoores around the fire

Morning camp parade


Climbing challenges

To help combat the heat the leaders created a fun water slip way to burn off some steam

Aerial runway


More interpretations of the washing up stand

Some of the Cubs created smaller shelters

All the scouts cooked their own food and washing up on their washing stands

Pedal cart racing is a great way to let off steam!

Construction iwth Orientiering poles and rope is always a challenge

Campfires are always a hit and a great time to share stories in an evening

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Face your fears!

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 by Committee

Face your fears!

Last week we had Reptiles from the Berkshire Reptile Encounters come to our meeting. Some small, some bigger then our leaders. The event would not live to it name if some of our scout where not scared of the Reptiles that came. Some over came their fears and start off with a small Corn Snake working there way up to the Burmese python.

Everyone show true effort over to try and over come their fears to get involved. Lot of fun and huge thank you for Berkshire Reptile Encounters



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Posted on February 19th, 2018 by Committee

Awarding of badges


The scout have been working toward the master of arms badge and 2 of the scout be give them on Monday night 



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Team tasks

Posted on February 5th, 2018 by Committee

Team Task 


Last week at scout we did team work challenge as patrols. The scouts had to move different object to different location using rope and communication skills. The team skill grow as the task got hard.

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