6 to 8 years – 5.45pm to 7.00pm

Beavers are open to both boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 8 years. From Beavers progression can be made within the group to Cubs (8 to 10 ½ years), Scouts (10 ½ to 14 years) and Explorers (14 to 18 years).


All Beaver Scouts wear a uniform. This consists of group neckerchief, a turquoise sweatshirt and/or a turquoise t-shirt. The sweatshirt and t-shirt can be purchased at either the Scout Shop (which is situated in the grounds of the Coopers Hill Community Centre – open Monday evening 7.00pm to 8.00pm term time only) or at the School Uniform shop in town.

The group neckerchief and Beaver Book are purchased by you from us and cost £10.00. They will be presented with a woggle at the investiture.


This will take place after your child has attended at least three meetings and is in possession of his/her Beaver sweatshirt or t-shirt. By this time they will have learnt:

The Beaver Scout Promise
“I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love God.”

You will receive an invitation to attend your child’s Investiture at which they will receive, after reciting their promise, their group neckerchief, woggle and their first badges.

Opening Ceremonies

Each beaver group has a traditional way of welcoming all the Beavers to the meeting. This is known as ‘GATHER LOGS’

  • The Beaver leader calls out ‘gather logs’ and stands in the middle of the hall.
  • The Beavers make the largest circle they can as if they were going away to gather logs to build a dam.
  • The leader now calls ‘build a dam’.
  • The Beavers then take five steps inwards (holding hands if appropriate).
  • The Beavers then call out H-E-L-L-O.
  • When in a circle they shout ‘Hello’ and the leader replies ‘Hello Beavers’.

Closing Ceremonies

  • The leader stands in the middle of the room and calls ‘build a dam’.
  • The Beavers form an orderly circle around the leader.
  • The leader gives out any final notices or gives out any badges.
  • Any letter, handicraft or anything to be taken home is then distributed.
  • When the leader is happy that everyone is ready and the meeting has finished, the leader says ‘Goodnight Beavers’.
  • The Beavers reply ‘Goodnight’.