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19/02/2018Creative eveningCreative evening towards the creative challenge badge Creative activity 1- to build a small self propelled veichle using knex and race and compare and improve Creative activity 2- patrol challenge Ben to arrange
26/02/2018expedition planninggames and creative work start older scouts on planning there expedition patrol challenge
04/03/2018earlywood work day
05/03/2018worldfind out about an aspect of local comunity life and ongoing issues
12/03/2018Unnamed meeting
19/03/2018Unnamed meeting
26/03/2018face your fears night!!!reptiles up close
02/04/2018easter holiday
09/04/2018Easter holiday
16/04/2018Unnamed meeting
23/04/2018Unnamed meeting
29/04/2018earlywood work day
30/04/2018Unnamed meeting

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